Pellet plants and sawmills

Pellet plants and sawmills are under increasing commercial pressure. The efficient use of the raw materials is a crucial factor for success.

At pellet plants, flue gas condensation can be ideally used to pre-heat the drying air on belt dryers. In such systems, the belt dryer is connected upstream of an air heater. This uses the heat from condensation to heat the drying air to 50–60°C. The percentage of low-temperature heat is equivalent to about 50% of the overall heat requirement. High temperature heat is only required for reheating to 90°C. This means that high temperature heat is therefore available for other processes.

In drum dryers, SaveEnergy solutions can be ideally used for recovery from the drum dryer flue gas. Waste heat is often recovered at a high temperature. The temperature of this waste heat is usually sufficient to operate a belt dryer without further energy resources.