SaveEnergy ON DEMAND

Dry flue gas cleaning combined with heat recovery

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SaveEnergy ON DEMAND also lends itself to the phased construction of a heating system, whereby the SaveEnergy dry electrostatic precipitator is installed during the initial phase, and then at a later date, e.g. following optimisation (SaveEnergy temperature management) of the network return temperatures, the flue gas condenser is added to the heating system.

In the SaveEnergy ON DEMAND set-up, the flue gas is passed over the SaveEnergy dry electrostatic precipitator. The particulate matter is thus separated from the flue gas by means of an electrostatic field. The clean gas is passed through the SaveEnergy flue gas condenser when low-temperature heat is required.

Key figures:

  • Flue gas volumes of up to 150,000 [Am³/h]
    (in excess of which a parallel circuit is used)
  • Flue gas cleaning:
    -Raw gas content: < 5,000 mg/nm³
    -Clean gas content: < 10–20 mg/nm³
  • Heat recovery: 10-50%
  • Waste water treatment: pH 6.5–7.5