SaveEnergy SMART

Heat recovery combined with wet flue gas cleaning system

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SaveEnergy SMART achieves increased efficiency whilst complying with the highest ecological standards. SaveEnergy SMART is designed for wood-fired heating plants with low network return temperatures (TRL < 55 °C) and fuel with a moisture content of over 40% w/w. Benefits to the operator include a compact and robust design and assembly as well as optimum efficiency in terms of heat recovery and flue gas cleaning.

The cornerstone of the SaveEnergy SMART system is the SaveEnergy flue gas condenser. The SaveEnergy flue gas condenser recovers residual heat from the flue gas. In addition to the heat recovery process, the flue gas is simultaneously cleaned. The condensate from the flue gas condenser is processed by the SaveEnergy water treatment system for re-use in the process as well as for discharge as waste water. The solid matter is dried cleanly and without dust emissions in single-use Big Bags for subsequent disposal. The SaveEnergy wet electrostatic precipitator cleans the flue gas to achieve compliance with the most stringent of emission requirements.

Key figures:

  • Flue gas volumes of up to 70,000 [nm³/hwet]
    (in excess of which a parallel circuit is used)
  • Flue gas cleaning:
    -Raw gas content: < 250 mg/nm³
    -Clean gas content: < 5–20 mg/nm³
  • Heat recovery: 10-50%
  • Waste water treatment: < 10 mg/l, pH 6.5–7.5